Hello everyone.

A recent malware scan noticed that my MediaWiki had been compromised and malware installed. I've needed to do something with the site for a long time, anyway, so rather than just trying to clean up and go back to my stale old style, I thought I'd take this opportunity to experiment with some newer website techniques and systems. Hopefully, if I stick with stuff that my hosting provider sets up, their auto-update systems will keep me protected :) In the interim, this low-key placeholder will have to do.

I guess this also serves as a way -- not a great way, admittedly -- to show that I (and TAFA) are still here. No real news at this time, which is part of why the website got so dusty. still works, though I've heard that the new Object file format in LW2018 isn't supported. Fortunately, saving as the older style still works. Just another impetus to find a way to make something happen with TAFA 2, I guess.

As always, thanks for your interest! I'll try not to let the garden get so weed-covered again.


P.S. Wow, has this trivial exercise reminded me how much I hate HTML. Pointed two different mobile browsers at this page. One has unreadably small text, even after I jumped the font size to 4 (mid-range), and if I zoom in it won't re-wrap the text. But at least the paragraph breaks are visible. On the other, the text is nice and big, but didn't change when I set the font size. Unfortunately, it barely shows any paragraph break at all, making the text hard to read in a different way. Hopefully whatever browser you're using isn't choking too badly.