More silliness. Generated with the C64 Charset Logo Generator, so I can't take any credit whatsoever...

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Trying to get my mojo back. Starting to feel some more "go". Not enough to tackle TAFA2 yet, but have been making my inner 18-year-old a bit happier by hacking around on C64 programming with some of the new C cross-compilers that are available (KickC in this particular case).
The following is just graphics and layout testing. Nothing interactive at all. But still fun, and getting a little excitement about trying to make a tactical hex combat game for my old C64 friend.


A bit of silliness: I'm just a beginner with Unity, and this is just the result of one of their tutorials (they provide all the assets), but it's kind of fun that you can build WebAsm/WebGL builds. Not sure if the timing is reliable enough for TAFA-in-a-browser, but it's a thought...

John Lemon's Haunted Jaunt

Just to be clear, this has effectively nothing to do with TAFA, except by the barest tangent, which is that I am at least poking around at 3D development again, however tentatively...


Happy 2020!

Something I should have done long ago... Hope those of you who purchased TAFA so long ago don't mind, but I think it's best if I just let it go free:

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Oh, while this is a Windows-based application, it runs fine under Wine on Linux. In case it helps: here's a guide to installing Wine and dependencies on several common Linux distributions

Yes, this is really me. No, my site hasn't been hacked again. I've been out of touch so long, and I just found out that people are still recommending TAFA and even digging through to get to it. It doesn't support the newer LWO3 format, but I guess it's still workable with old LWO2 or OBJ files. If I can't seem to get my act together for TAFA2, I can at least let TAFA help more people.

At that link, you can find a readme, the trial setup and the activation file. Print out the readme first, because it has the serial number you'll need. Then install the trial, then run the activation file to unpack the full version of the program.

You may get some antivirus warnings because I used an EXE packer, which makes heuristic antivirus scans paranoid. You'll have to use your own judgment. I scanned and kept everything as clean as I could before I ran the EXE packer, but ultimately it's your own call. Feel free to run the file(s) through VirusTotal, which is probably a good idea for anything you download from the Internet.

Hope I get to see some new work from people! My email is just 'mac' at this site.


(Long overdue) Update June 6, 2019:

Maybe I'm slow, but I just now found out about Emscripten. C++ to Javascript compilation with OpenGL and OpenAL support, and near-native speed. Has been used to port various things, including both Unity and Unreal Engine to the web. Hmmm... So, TAFA is written in (ancient) C++ and OpenGL.